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News Letter Nr 5
January 23, 2015 


I present to you my best wishes for success and happiness in 2015.
This year began sadly with 17 people murdered by terrorists.
I join the millions of people in France and in the world to whom the words freedom and fraternity are concrete values and have reminded during the march on 11 January.
Then cyberterrorism hit: about 25,000 attacks were carried out last week on French sites.
An impressive number but low damage (especially defacing of websites).
What can we learn from this? Many comments on this news reminded us that zero risk does not exist.
It's time to provide pragmatic solutions.


Stéphane Hesschentier
Manager de Resilient Shield Consulting

In the news

BCM Legislations, Regulations, Standards and Good Practice - BCI - January 5, 2015 : The Business Continuity Institute has re-edit his guide laws, regulations and other good practices for business continuity.
Which other countries have obligations they face in their project management of business continuity? What are the standards for our foreign subsidiary?
This document is very useful to answer these questions but not always full. It must be considered as a very good working basis for any Head of Continuity on an international scale.

Cybersecurity predictions for 2015 - Continuity Central - January 2, 2015: what will be the future hackers misdeeds? The latest news have shown that events may ignite the powder.
The predictions in this field are therefore a difficult exercise.
This article, however, is well constructed and documented. An interesting reflection base to develop your security strategy.
This document is available on the page:

The Global Risks report 2015 - World Economic Forum - January 15, 2015 : This document is a wealth of information. A must read. The interrelationship diagram are a little difficult to read but interesting when the eyes become accustomed to the chaos that is the drawing.
To download immediately.
Read the study:

Panorama de la cybercriminalité 2014 - CLUSIF - January 2015 .
Each year the Clusif also brings us a state of the art and a few predictions.
The chapters on connected objects should in my opinion be a bit nuanced and threats should be put into perspective when compared to conventional threats.
This still remains an interesting exercise that must take notice.
For those who wish to read the long version, transparencies, and soon the video, are available: here
For busy people, a summary prepared by Mrs. Lamandé is available from Global Security Mag: here

Three challenges that business continuity managers face in 2015 - D.Honour - January 7, 2015 .
David Honour takes the game predictions. These three hypotheses are interesting. One issue: they are very focused on the UK.
I doubt it announced the success of resilience in other countries. It will take some time. Read the article: here
I will be very interested in your views on the matter.
Write to me on com "stephane.hesschentier@resilient-shield.com"

The book of the month

Prévenir les crises - Ces cassandres qu'il faut savoir écouter - T.Portal et C. Roux-Dufort - Armand Colin 2013

Those looking directly applicable methods will be disappointed.
But the literature of crisis management is not made only with recipes ...
This book is an excellent source of inspiration and a basis for reflection on the evolution of events to crisis situations. The famous weak signals are dissected with scientific intelligence.
A somewhat academic course work, but a very good job nonetheless. To read on the subway or during your next vacation.

Resilient Shield Consulting offers

BCP Pre-audit:
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This approach meets all your needs and can be adapted because of its modularity.
Whether you want to dust off your continuity management system, or cross safely your plan creation steps from 0, the solution is described here.

Business Continuity Management for SME:
SME have a real exposure to many risks. These can create considerable damage and more easily than to large companies.
Why so many SME do not have a BCP? Methods are too complex, not suitable, too expensive.
Resilient Shield Consulting has completely revised its BCP methods for designing a product dedicated to small organizations.
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New at Resilient Shield Consulting

To be released: "Risk Management On demand".
and "BCP Maintenance"

In preparation: @ECC- Augmented Emergency Command Center
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