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News Letter N°4
December 22th 2014


The news of recent weeks have been eventful: A major failure paralyzed the British air traffic, Sony has experienced one of the most serious cyber attacks in history. Today North Korea that suffers a major breakdown of the Internet. You will find in this newsletter a small summary of other key events of the month.
There will be no survey this month. We will resume this exercise next year with new topics.
It only remains for me to wish you a Merry Christmas season.
I give you an appointment in 2015 with many other current topics.


Stéphane Hesschentier
Manager de Resilient Shield Consulting

In the news

The Crisis Management Survey 2014 - Steelhenge - november 2014 :Steelhenge Consulting released the results of its 2014 Survey on crisis management.
375 participants responded and indicated what they do to prepare to manage crises and challenges they face in creating a crisis management capacity.
13 percent of them found that they were not well prepared or not at all prepared. While 84 percent of organizations surveyed had a documented crisis management plan, over a quarter do not have a formal crisis communications plan. 41 percent said they do not cover social media in a crisis.
Many other Results await you on:

BSI announced that BS 65000, the new standard of organizational resilience is now available - British Standard Institute - november 2014: BSI published BS 65000, which provides guidance for organizational resilience. This new standard provides an overview of the organizational resilience, its foundations and principles. Once again our British friends have taken a step ahead in this area.
This document is available on the page:

DRP trends survey - Plan B - November 2014 : More than half of the companies want to retain control of their IT disaster recovery internally. However, a lack of frequent testing puts these companies at high risk situation. Outsourcing then seems to be a key factor in performance of the backup.
Read the study:.

Survey reveals biggest emerging risks of 2015 .
Terrorism and cyber attacks are the threats that come out of the lot in 2015 according to re-insurance companies. Read the article: here

A top 10 of the most unusual data loss - November2014 .
Read the article: here

Books of the month

Crisis Management at the speed of internet - Elsevier 2013
These few pages are certainly not enough to talk about the book. But the quantity is largely replaced by quality.
This document discusses crisis management in terms of the means of Internet communications and social networks. How to turn a weakness into strength and use the web to its advantage. These are the lines of thought which the authors lead us. Positively interesting..

Computer crashes and hacking in novembre 2014

Recently some companies have experienced multiple events that have not escaped you, blocking of British Airways after a computer failure, attack of Sony systems...
Other disruption were also reported:

Poland - IT failure paralyzes the electoral system : Five days after the municipal elections, the official results are still not fallen. IT failure and hacker attacks have disrupted the work of the Central Election Commission.Read the article: here

France, Loire - CHU emerges from its computer failure: Friday, November 7, a failure occurred on Computing Equipment CHU Saint-Etienne, at a data storage network.
Read the article: here

France - Computer failure at SNCF: Passengers on the train from Lille-Rouen Wednesday, November 19, 2014 had to complete their journey by bus. At issue: a computer crash on a safety equipment..
Read the article: here

Belgique - SNCB : SNCB ticket offices were down for some time due to a computer problem.
Read the article: here

France - A computer failure disrupted trading process of the CAC 40 for more than three hours: The calculation of the CAC 40 was suspended throughout the morning of November 27, due to a technical problem. The exchange values were normal.
Read the article: here

France - A computer bug paralyzes CPAM Loire: After the CHU of Saint-Etienne at the beginning of the month, it was the turn of the CPAM of the Department of experiencing a network. This took place on the night of Sunday to Monday. A first in the history of CPAM of the Loire Department.
Read the article: here

France, Seine Saint Denis - Communication failure at Police Dpt
Read the article: here

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New at Resilient Shield Consulting

To be released: "Risk Management On demand".
and "BCP Maintenance"

In preparation: @ECC- Augmented Emergency Command Center
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